Adequate Nutrients Critical for Skin Health, AIDS and Herpes Immune Support

Since 2007, (Global Initiative for the Advancement of Nutritional Therapy), formerly known as the Global Initiative for Skin, Herpes and AIDS Nutritional Therapy, has taken on the task of educating and endorsing nutritional therapy to the global population.  The enhancement that nutritional therapy provides to increase immunity and dramatically improve outcomes is of vital importance to all people.

The goal of is to raise awareness of the crucial importance nutrition plays in health and wellness, helping to prevent disease as well as improving quality of life in those afflicted by illness. It is imperative that people know nutrient deficiency can have serious impact on immune function and health.

Nutrition’s Role in Immunity

GIANutrition is essential for immune closely follows research and clinical studies related to nutrition, and in doing so has a wealth of knowledge regarding food s and dietary supplementation and their role in increasing immunity and reducing the symptoms of those afflicted with skin ailments and conditions such as herpes, HIV and AIDS.

As modern diets chiefly consisting of processed foods are fast becoming the standard, the need for proper nutrition has become even more critical, as these diets lack essential nutrients needed to maintain healthy immune, nervous and digestive systems. And in people stricken with AIDS, Herpes and various skin problems, with immune systems that are already compromised, it is even more crucial to ensure adequate nutrition.

The Adverse Effects of Depleted Soil Conditions On Our Food Supply

Even those that try to eat a healthy diet do not get adequate nutrients due to the widespread use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and soil depletion.  The food supply just does not contain nutrients as it did in the past[1],[2], in fact the nutrient value in food has plummeted an average of 30-60 percent.  With this information, it becomes clearer why supplementing the diet with nutrients has become crucial.
Your Immune Function Relies on Nutrients

How Nutritional Status Impacts Immune Function

It has been officially recognized by the medical community since at least 1996[3] that nutritional status affects immune function in humans, even when it involves as little as ONE basic nutrient!  This affect on the immune system causes a decrease in vital T-cells. Not only can nutritional deficiency affect the body, it can also result in mutations of viruses in the body, allowing them to mutate and become more virulent.  This is of particular concern to those dealing with AIDS, herpes and various skin conditions.


How to Ensure Adequate Nutrition

GIANTGLOBAEnsuring you have the proper nutrients will keep you healthy! supports the use of nutritional supplements to address the lack of nutrients in the diet to prevent detrimental deficiency.  These low cost supplements can fortify the nutritional needs of many people, helping reduce the injurious affects of deficiency.  In addition, ensuring adequate nutrient intake in healthy people can improve the body’s ability to fight off invaders and keep illness at bay.

Having a healthy, functioning immune system is vital to well-being and health for everyone. wants to reinforce this message.  It is our mission to provide information regarding the importance of proper nutrient intake and how it relates to the immune system.  This is especially crucial to those with AIDS, herpes and various skin conditions.  We want to get the word out to everyone that having adequate nutrients will assist the immune system to function at optimum levels, resulting in reduced symptoms and improved health.


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